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It is genreless and sends POPUP and event of Shibuya PARCO, the seasonal information including the release planned limited product. For reference of outing and shopping of the weekend, we check the latest information of favorite shop from here!



We hold group exhibition by curation of modern art gallery NANZUKA of Shibuya, "GLOBAL POP UNDERGROUND".
We follow concept of Tokyo Pop Underground which went around NY and Jeffery Deitch gallery in LA, and it is group exhibition which reconstituted Underground with Hajime Sorayama, global Aristrist selection total number 21 of the gallery such as Javier Calleja in cut end last year.
In addition, *sai does online display that can appreciate state of venue in 3Ⅾ view. You move and look around the venue 360 degrees again and can actually enjoy appreciation experience that is in display venue in addition while being in home.

2F 2G "NANZUKA" <art> Keiichi Tanaami latest private exhibition "repairing of memory"

We will hold the latest private exhibition of Keiichi Tanaami in NANZUKA 2G. "Repairing of memory" is series of exhibition which allegory made memory of Tanaami who experienced war for the childhood period and mechanism of fictionization visually. In this exhibition, we will announce new work of three-dimensional work and collage work. We would appreciate your having a look to all of you.

1F GUCCI <new product> Gucci Off The Grid Collection

Collection which was designed in consideration for influence to give waste articles such as edge materials of net and nylon for fishery to environment using organic material, high raw materials and material of sustainability including bio base including raw materials and reproduction nylon thread ECONYL® to do. We have luggage, shoes, hat, wide item including wear, and, other than black, orange, yellow, blue unfolds as Japan-limited kolor, too

2F Ground Y <new product> Ground Y☓NON "Blast" Art Collection

Through filter of Yohji Yamamoto company, brand "Ground Y" which "Gen daleth" suggests new possibility of fashion to with style that is “ age reply “ while taking in multifaceted element synchronizing in concept releases Collection which did "non" and collaboration rates playing an active part widely such as actress or Aristrist at Ground Y direct management store on Wednesday, July 8, 2020. (※ official Web store THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO releases on the same day from 12:00, and it starts)

2F beautiful people <new product> Robert Mapplethorpe X beautiful people collaboration

Collaboration of the one and only realized in original technique.

It will release collaboration item with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe from New York that met 30 years after the death of last year. Climbing over various taboos and fences, we sympathized with feelings to the thorough details that there was in reclamation mind of Mr. Maple soap which made foundation of modern GENDER reply culture and minimal expression and realized this collaboration. It is characteristic that big name tag that logo of photograph and brand of Mr. Maple soap was printed as for Collection of all black which presented four points of monochrome photography selected under the theme called "quietness and strain" on basic line of beautiful people is sewed on cloth like athlete's number. By reproducing feel of a material of photograph using one of the world's best sublimation print techniques faithfully, in deference to photograph and view of the world of each clothes, show respect to original print.

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