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It is genreless and sends POPUP and event of Shibuya PARCO, the seasonal information including the release planned limited product. For reference of outing and shopping of the weekend, we check the latest information of favorite shop from here!


1F PORTER EXCHANGE <new product> We release shopping bag "GROCERY BAG" of PORTER original

Series to be available as shopping bag casually. When not in use, pakkaburu specifications that become easily compact by folding. We print PORTER logo on the back side. In addition, it is available as shoulder bag by attaching strap to D pipe of right and left.
※Selling another as for the strap.
2 size development of GMS (general merchandise store) and CVS size (convenience store).

Flavor of freesia comes up to room fragrance of 2F Santa Maria Novella <new product> popularity newly.

Flavor of freesia comes up for room fragrance of Santa Maria Novella, lineup of taboretta. We hang taboretta in closet in scutellum of hardware wax flavor made which molding, finish were made by hand one by one and let clothing be fragrant. Flavor of sweet freesia is in eloquence in feminine, and male tanimo is popular in Japan. It is decorated with sunflower and leaf of melissa (remombamu).

4F CABANE de ZUCCa <new product> New in May Available At Store

The latest item of July came up in ZUCCa, CABANE de ZUCCa, HUMOR SHOP from Wednesday, July 8.
There is point up of A-net Membership from Wednesday, July 8 during period of Sunday, July 12.

5F BAIT <new product> GUNDAM collaboration apparel that corrupted mobirusutsu more popular than BAIT in design comes up.

It is done lineup, and rival machine banshii of unicorn Gundam adds popular series got close to by Gundam death size, nickname of “ iron Orr “ from Gundam series "new movement account of war Gundam W" broadcasted first in the United States to S/S TEE which is most suitable for season in the future, L/S TEE which is Japan-limited, and becomes the release than "Orr fens of Mobile Suit Gundam military power" from Gundam BARBA toss, work "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" published serially as novel again, and it is development of fudi which is standard item.

4F Meets by NADiff <art> It has a big impact by POP. Mask which popular illustrator dealt with

Mask of quite popular illustrator Chocomoo (chocolate Mu) which style to create all original work in monotone by POP is characterized by. All 22 kinds and abundant variations. In these days when wearing of mask is required, you acquire one piece of favorite, and please enjoy coordinates.

Miscellaneous goods item of "kapu koron" which compiled all quite popular CAPCOM character in 6F CAPCOM STORE TOKYO <new product> CAPCOM STORE TOKYO around series comes up!

We will introduce new product which came up than original new product unfolding in "the CAPCOM STORE TOKYO" (CAPCOM STORE TOKYO) in June.
As for this new product, it is miscellaneous goods item of "kapu koron" which settled all quite popular CAPCOM character in CAPCOM STORE TOKYO around series.

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