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  • If there is not/photograph, we cannot be in couples after Yumi Adachi X Tomoki Kuwajima photo exhibition "former us". The accumulation to equal GALLERY X.

If there is not/photograph, we cannot be in couples after Yumi Adachi X Tomoki Kuwajima photo exhibition "former us". The accumulation to equal GALLERY X.

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If there is not/photograph, we cannot be in couples after Yumi Adachi X Tomoki Kuwajima photo exhibition "former us". The accumulation to equal GALLERY X.

In B1F "GALLERY X" in Shibuya PARCO, held in the photo exhibition "former we back" that photographed actor, Yumi Adachi that photographer, Tomoki Kuwajima is partner until Sunday, July 12. Before and after of two collections of photographs "we" which daily life was put in (blue illusion building) and unscreened photograph are published. Two people who say, "couple does not continue if photograph disappears" in chorus. The words stings and sounds, but it is originally healthy happiness to be able to be in one of a kind which does not work of substitute for somebody. As "side to take" and "taken side" are cheered up when we see photograph, we think that it is filled with sadness and painfulness that each other's units become clear, and are comfortable. We sent to display and asked two people story.

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Tomoki Qwajima
Hanako Fujita

In front and back of collection of photographs "us" as for now
Photographs which we took to breathe

Is extremely natural; it "being natural to take her. Photograph which we took day after day so that we could not live when we did not breathe, and Kuwajima said, it does not go well when we did not take her and collected. They were released with title called collection of photographs "us" (gaga) in 2019 and attracted public attention as one which spelled daily life of two people. Title of this photo exhibition after "former us." Photograph which we photographed in front and behind "us" literally called this and unpublished work are released. Photograph seems to be added by six points a week during display period and wants to go to visit many times. We cannot miss 1,000 copies of (the photograph right) after venue-limited tabloid "former us".

Oneself "most near another person of distance."
Challenge of photographer who surpassed "entertainment"

Photograph which we took when Kuwajima wanted to leave record of two people and saved became collection of photographs "us". Couple is not one at all. Story that is spun while two people living in each scenario stay together. "We sometimes quarrel, and sense of values is different, too. Couple is "near another person". It does by opening to have wanted to record oneself such. That was challenge as photographer. "How you surpassed "entertainment" was theme while taking strong subject called actor".

As for "all own expressions as for me
We know on seeing photograph of Kuwajima"

How does Adachi think of "photograph act" to continue approximately every day? "Taken consciousness is zero after daily life for me". There is there expression to show only in two world not to show in "society" and lets us startle. "We might think that it was, "I do such a face" on seeing photograph in old days. But see all own expressions in photograph of Kuwajima now;.

Among collection of photographs "us", we had you choose one piece that you remembered each. When "February is over, we put mask of Setsubun for some reason. When is interesting; (Adachi). "1 cut after work. People who do such a face when need with unique expression that nobody knows, two do not have many; (Kuwajima)

"Photograph act" for couple.
Silent endearment

Photograph which is communication means of two people. Silent act taking becomes certain endearment. If "day when Kuwajima does not take me comes…It may be time that is not form called couple (Adachi). "Adachi is radio and says to this, "we are taken with feeling challenging" before when I held camera. It takes, it is. Of measure up to, saying is interesting (Kuwajima).

We are developed in Shibuya PARCO
Experiment of of photographer and couple

Finally we heard the highlight of this display. "We do not want to convey couple love. Couple has each drama, and house goes without exception, too. If we have you gradually watch that interestingly (Adachi). "It is experiment of of photographer called me and couple this time. As couple does not understand the photograph, it is interesting. Experiment in big stage called GALLERY X is very fun (Kuwajima). "We like me, PARCO. It is building of dream. Adachi who is bashful saying we want to enjoy shopping slowly. In the latter part, we visit shop where Adachi pays attention to.

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Yumi Adachi

It was born in Tokyo for 1,981 years. We make model debut at 2 years old and TV drama is "child without house" and breaks through very much in 1994. We are supported by FAN beyond generation. We marry photographer, Tomoki Kuwajima triggered by production of the collection of photographs "private life". It releases collection of photographs "we" which Kuwajima put everyday Adachi in (blue illusion building) last year. We represent plain a national actor and create a sensation. We hold photo exhibition "after former us" including the anteroposterior having not yet occurred list photograph this time.
Instagram (@_yumi_adachi)

Tomoki Kuwajima

Photographer. It was born in 1978 and is from Okayama. We study under Kentaro Kamata after Musashino Art University graduation in 2002. We become independent in 2004. We play an active part with collection of magazine and talent photographs, advertisement widely. We publish collection of photographs "private life" which continued taking Yumi Adachi for about two and a half years in 2013 (Shueisha). We continue photographing Adachi after the marriage every day in 2014.
Instagram (@qwajima)

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