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  • Town and person to become another without Yumi Adachi X ISSEY MIYAKE SHIBUYA/flap. Shibuya PARCO which spends time by each way of enjoying.

Town and person to become another without Yumi Adachi X ISSEY MIYAKE SHIBUYA/flap. Shibuya PARCO which spends time by each way of enjoying.

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Town and person to become another without Yumi Adachi X ISSEY MIYAKE SHIBUYA/flap. Shibuya PARCO which spends time by each way of enjoying.

"Originally we like PARCO. Adachi who said is it not building of dream?seemed to come for shopping in private right after renewal of last year. From "ISSEY MIYAKE" to always go to visit to favorite sushi restaurant "KANAZAWA MAIMONSUSHI" and takeout menu. We had you enjoy Shibuya PARCO to one's heart's content.

※Please refer to this for business hours in the latest hall.
Tomoki Qwajima
Hanako Fujita


The town of Shibuya full of feelings live outside window.
New Collection and space that can meet

The shop full of feelings open among big windows. Seven racks slim black of up to about 9.8 meters fuse in one between the S-shaped sky, and various colors, material and form jump into eyes. Sense that is provoked by clothes rising rhythmically, bag of wall standing out graphically. Mainly on "HOMME PLISSÉISSEY MIYAKE" (omupurisseisseimiyake) and "BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE" (baobaoisseimiyake), borderlessness attracts brands of ISSEY MIYAKE here. "We want to stay all the time all day and like PARCO. Here did OPEN, too and came in private immediately. It is longed-for brand for me.

Smooth material has good feeling
Happiness that dailyware brings

Adachi to like clothes of mode taste in private. We wore line <ORJ> of brand "HaaT" (Haat) of ISSEY MIYAKE this time. We develop clothes of minimal and practical design that Jack does one "rack" of store and develops so that the name using initial of "One Rack Jack" shows. By "smooth combination of cloth and jersey material, it is comfortable in the summer. As it is sensitive to the cold, we are reliable in the summer when there is jacket. The first place that feel is well thin and is easy to put in bag is arrival at daily life to bring happiness.

Jacket ORJ COVER JOG STRETCH\35,000+tax, pants ORJ SUCKER JERSEY\25,000+tax, bag KURO (sash) \25,000+tax

We select bag for sense wearing art peace

Bag brand "BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE" which surface triangle turns expression three-dimensionally, and builds beauty by chance. "Friend used this bag and thought that it was good. We want to open both hands at time to go out, but be seen childishly when it is rucksack as I am small. Adachi who always chooses favorite among abundant lineup saying there are many shoulder bags. Series that adopted the mirror surface subject matter <PLATINUM MERMAID> gain the favor for sense to wear art peace, and attach spice to coordinates.

<BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE> PLATINUM MERMAID shoulder \50,000+tax <BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE> bag KURO (sash) 25,000 yen +tax, KURO (oyster) \10,000+tax

We used the innovative manufacturing method
Item which glitters of individuality

In corner in shop as for a lot of sunglasses of "ISSEY MIYAKE EYES." Standard model that line and Japanese yen are impressive in what Adachi selected. Even if we make gift even if we prepare pairwise. In addition, <132 5 that we lay shirt, skirt, dress, pants by folding various three-dimensional molding that collaborated with computer scientist, and pressing, and turning position of Kirikomi line and use the susonna innovation-like manufacturing method. ISSEY MIYAKE>From this, tote bag "KAGO" of kolor reflecting the image of bamboo comes up. Mesh material of unique texture with waist is cool.

<ISSEY MIYAKE EYE> Sunglasses IM-101\53,000+tax <132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE>Bag KAGO\39,000+tax

We wear "pleats" of Issei Miyake,

"Pleats" which continues evolving always glitters since Issei Miyake announced in 1988 <HOMME PLISSÉISSEY MIYAKE>. We hold out camera to Kuwajima who wore set up of the brand on shoulder, and Adachi photographs sakosshu with functionality although being compact. We seem to hardly usually press the shutter for Kuwajima. As light totally shined, as for the heartwarming person top, it was in calm one scene.

<HOMME PLISSÉISSEY MIYAKE> Jacket TAILORED PLEATS 2\42,000+tax, pants TAILORED PLEATS 2 20,000 yen +tax, tops BASICS\12,000+tax, shoes CANVAS SLIP-ON\32,000+tax
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Shibuya PARCO 2F
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