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It is genreless and sends POPUP and event of Shibuya PARCO, the seasonal information including the release planned limited product. For reference of outing and shopping of the weekend, we check the latest information of favorite shop from here!


B1F Good Luck Curry< renewal> 7.16 NEW OPEN! "Good Luck Curry"

Spice curry "Good Luck Curry" which chef Kakegawa of bistro "Ata" of Daikanyama deals with is reopened in Shibuya PARCO from Ebisu road surface shop!
We change compounding of spice by seafood and ingredients including meat, and not only texture but also flavor provides spice curry to be able to enjoy.
Garnish of side dish served between the main courses using colorful vegetables further enhances spice curry.
We are going to provide curry bun of takeout.

B1F GAN-BAN<-limited product> FUJI ROCK COLLECTION 2020 which made Atsuhiko Mori (WACKO MARIA) designer

""CREW NECK T-SHIRT"" starts the handling at last at Fuji Rock Festival official shop <GAN-BAN> store from FUJI ROCK COLLECTION of popularity so as to be able to finish selling whenever it is in stock from the release start in ONLINE STORE and adds.

Designer/Atsuhiko Mori
We establish WACKO MARIA in 2005.
We preside over sound crew expressing music that oneself think to be really cool by original approach, KILLER TUNES BROADCAST.

4F L:A BRUKET <limitation product> The pillow mist "seven flowers" where we packed quality of Sweden and tradition into closely limited number of release!

Festival "midsummer" when Sweden celebrating summer arrival is traditional. We pick up seven kinds of flowers in the evening and are handed down when we can meet destined people in dream when we put by pillow quietly and sleep. Pillow mist that such romantic wish and tradition were put releases with a limitation of amount!

2F KENZO <new product> 2020FW Main collection

The release of the first collection of designer Felipe oriveira Batista item from Portuguese city. Felipe oriveira Batista defines new chapter with DNA that brand has originality that had functionality and beauty for history of brand while showing respect for Legacy of KENZO.

B1F future Japanese liquor shop & SAKE BAR< new product> Summer-limited SAKE cocktail to enjoy in "future Japanese liquor shop /KUBOTA SAKE BAR"

"Future Japanese liquor shop & SAKE BAR" of liquor shop and sake bar released summer-limited refreshing cocktail!

(the left) 100 Kotobuki Salty lemon
cocktail which we arranged into sorutidoggu style. Heat vanishes with flavor of citrus fruit system and saltiness of rock salt, too. Please enjoy liquor while supplying with salt.
(the right) green Kotobuki Sweet green
cocktail using large brewing sake from the finest rice pure sake "Midori Kubota Kotobuki" and cocoa vinegar. Taste is fluent and feels light gentle sweetness. It is cocktail which is recommended to the first cup with refreshing feel clearly.

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