It is information for temporary closure about restaurant, the some business reopening of cosmetic shop

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Facilities facilities guidance

Business hours

≪It is temporary closure ... for the time being on product sales >> Sunday, April 25, 2021.

     Part of Wednesday, May 12 ... for the time being cosmetic shop business resumption.
≪It is temporary closure ... for the time being on eating and drinking >> Sunday, April 25, 2021.
     It is reopened part of restaurant business ... for the time being on Wednesday, May 12.


※Business hours are different at some stores.

※It is no fixed holiday. New Year holidays vary in business hours.

Parking lot service

<about parking lot in Shibuya PARCO building>


General car weekdays 320 yen/30 minutes Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 400 yen/30 minutes

Motorcycle weekdays 110 yen/30 minutes Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 140 yen/30 minutes

[business hours]


[the use number]

Mechanical 134 (66 normal cars, high roof 68)

Two horizontal placing

One electric car charge point (charge for free parking rate incurs.)


Please be stocked at left turn from organ slope of the PARCO north side. (right turn warehousing is prohibited in)


<PARCO purchase parking service>

We are free of charge purchase 3,000 yen (tax-included) or more for one hour

We are free of charge purchase 10,000 yen (tax-included) or more for two hours

We are free of charge purchase 30,000 yen (tax-included) or more for three hours

※Plural store adding up is possible tax-included amount of money.


* Purchase parking service object outside store




At the time of purchase, please show stationed-in-bike-race ticket at cash register of each shop. We will issue "parking service receipt".

You put ① "stationed-in-bike-race ticket" into "the parking service certification machine", and let me read QR cord of ② "parking service receipt".


<the parking service certification machine setting place>

B2F WAITINGROOM (7:00-24:00)

1F information counter (10:00-21:00)

1F EAST ELEVATOR width (the end of 10:00 ... last business)

※On the day it is limited, and receipt of parking service is effective.


<it can be stocked vehicle>

To normal car 5.3m in length X 2.0m in width X 1.55m in height.

To high roof car 5.3m in length X 2.0m in width X 2.0m in height.

It is less than wheelbase less than 1.8-3.45m 2.5t in weight minimum freeboard 0.09m or more


<about partner parking lot>

Public basement parking area (parking lot in front of Shibuya-ku government office) in front of Shibuya-ku government office

Rate: 200 yen/30 minutes late-night on weekdays for 300 yen/30 minutes on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays for 350 yen/30 minutes (0:00-8:00) ※Tax-included amount of money

※The parking service certification machine becomes setting only for Shibuya PARCO. ※We cannot receive purchase parking service in business partner.

Bicycle parking lot service

It is> about <bicycle parking lot

We offer bicycle parking lot at 8F/9F in hall.


After two hours free of charge as for every 100 yen/ten hours

[business hours]


Come to 8F, 9F by elevator for exclusive use of bicycle parking lot of the 1F west (the Tokyu Hands side).

Take stationed-in-bike-race ticket in entrance gate at warehousing.
You put stationed-in-bike-race ticket in exit gate at leaving a shed, and please pay the difference.

※There is not purchase service.

※We cannot park bicycle less than 20 inches. You can park your bicycle for each other racks, and please confirm guidance in bicycle parking lot as bicycles are different.
※Motor bike is not available. Please use the second-floor motorcycle parking lot under the ground.

Wi-Fi service

In the hall, public wireless LAN connection service with apparatus for Wi-Fi is available.


1.Setting of Wi-Fi
We open up Wi-Fi setting window with your smartphones,

"SSID please connect to atPARCO".


2.Connection of Wi-Fi
Login screen is displayed when we start browser (Safari, Chrome).
Along contents of displayed page, please complete operation. → Connection completion!

We can use three times once on x 1st for 60 minutes (up to three hours/day)


※There is area that is hard to be connected partly. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.



In addition, Wi-Fi service to be available in hall
Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi (smartphone application)
We start application and are available when we tap connection for Wi-Fi.

Services from foreign countries to coming customer

We offer the following services to overseas customer.


●We make tax exemption service correspondence.

※As restaurant, service store becomes exclusion, please be careful.

※There is not tax exemption counter. It becomes correspondence every each store.


●Payment in Alipay and WeChat is possible.

※As some stores become exclusion, please be careful.


●Payment by ginren card is possible.

※As some stores become exclusion, please be careful.


●You can use the own country currency-based credit card settlement. Offer currency is the following currency.

(in VISA, MasterCard®️ only in the case of the use)

 UAE, dirham (AED)

 Argentina peso (ARS)

 The Australia dollar (AUD)

 Brazil real (BRL)

 The Canada dollar (CAD)

 Switzerland franc (CHF)

 China, yuan (CNY)

 Denmark krone (DKK)

 European Union, the euro (EUR)

 The U.K. bond (GBP)

 Hong Kong, the dollar (HKD)

 Indonesia rubia (IDR)

 Korea, won (KRW)

 India rupee (INR)

 Sri Lanka rupee (LKR)

 Macao pataca (MOP)

 Malaysia ringgit (MYR)

 Norway krone (NOK)

 The New Zealand dollar (NZD)

 Philippines peso (PHP)

 Qatar riyal (QAR)

 The Russia Louvre (RUB)

 Saudi Arabia riyal (SAR)

 Sweden krona (SEK)

 The Singapore dollar (SGD)

 Thailand bhat (THB)

 Taiwan, the dollar (TWD)

 The United States of America, the dollar (USD)

 Vietnam Don (VND)

 The Republic of South Africa, land (ZAR)



●In B1F, Seven Bank ATM, withdrawals of Japanese Yen by bank card and credit card of overseas issuance are possible.

※ginren card is available, too.

※It is available by 12 languages in Seven Bank ATM.

Special treatment of PARCO card (credit card)
PARCO card

We inform about special treatment of PARCO card.

On the use, please show PARCO card or screen (application, WEB) of PARCO point my page in target facilities.


※Please note that you may change special treatment contents without notice.
※Only card holder of a title deed can use all services.
※Service by the PARCO card face of a bill presentation, please note that operation of card back side QR cord reading by the staff will occur.



It is appreciation rate 1,500 yen by the PARCO card presentation in 8F WHITE CINE QUINTO



In addition, application-limited special treatment is this

PARCO point

PARCO point is & usable point to save by shopping in PARCO of the whole country. The points collect by exchange from coin collecting by the use and application of PARCO card and can use for one point of = 1 yen.


※There is shop/item excluding of point grant, the use partly.

List of shops which point grant, the use excludes is this


We offer Saison counter at 5F. In the case of the following, we would appreciate your using.


・Procedures for Saison card, PARCO card (application, change)
・Reception desks such as overseas travel insurance, insurance against loss, life insurance
・Information for driver's license acquisition plan
・Information for members lawn

[about inquiry about PARCO card]
Please connect with information center on the back of the card.
※International call, IP telephone in the case of the use,
Have a seat in 03-5996-1111 or 06-7709-8000.
※Sound receptionist (1/1 9:00-17:00 operator-adaptive rest) automatic for 24 hours
About delivery of PARCO card loss or theft
0570-064-107 (24 hours a day, every day)
※We cannot accept business except one of loss or theft.
※In the case of the use, make IP telephone in 03-6688-8000 or 06-7709-8086.

To customer with child

●Crib setting restroom
We offer crib in multipurpose restroom of B1F/7F/9F/10F.


●Restroom with baby chair

In man and woman powder room of B1F/2F/3F/4F/5F/6F/7F/8F/9F/10F, we offer baby chair.


●Babies' rest room

We offer at 5F.



We rent stroller by 1F information free.

(it applies to child until - 4 years old for about one month after birth.)

Multipurpose restroom

We offer in B1F/6F/7F/8F/9F/10F.

(restroom for inconvenient and pregnant body, person coming by stroller)



We offer ostomate in multipurpose restroom of B1F/6F/7F/8F/9F/10F.

Powder space

We offer Powder corner in powder room of B1F/2F/3F/4F/5F/6F/7F/8F/9F/10F for women.


Personal Room (all GENDER restrooms)

We offer Personal Room (all GENDER restrooms) fully equipped with restroom which supported all gender in B1F/6F and change of clothes space.

Various gift certificates, gift cards

Main gift certificate, gift card which is available in Shibuya PARCO


[thing which change is paid to]

Gift certificate/Jeff gourmet card (only as for the use in restaurant, cafe) which gift certificate/Daimaru gift certificate/Matsuzakaya gift certificate/Matsuzakaya gift certificate inner handing over vote/Seiyu common throughout PARCO gift certificate/whole country department store issued

※We do not sell PARCO gift certificate in Shibuya PARCO.

※Gift certificate issued by gift certificate common throughout department stores of the whole country in Marusho, Matsubishi, Ueno department store, Daikokuya, Omuta MATSUYA, Marushin, Miyakonojo Daimaru, Suwa Marumitsu, Nakasan is not available.
※There is not sale of gift certificate common throughout department stores of the whole country, Daimaru gift certificate, Matsuzakaya gift certificate.
※There is shop, product excluding partly. Please confirm at store.

※The use of Seibu Department Store gift certificate, gift card was finished on August 31, 2006.


[thing which change is not paid to]

PARCO shopping complimentary ticket of PARCO card complimentary ticket /JCB/VISA/UC/ Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos (DC, MC, NICOS, UFJ)/American Express/Diners/JTB nice gift (JTB nice shop)/byu gift certificate/escort card /J. furontoriteingu stockholder

Electronic money to be available in Shibuya PARCO

<electronic money to be available in Shibuya PARCO>

・Apple Pay











・We do not run already

※"PiTaPa" is not available.

※It may not be available at some stores.


<the cord settlement to be available in Shibuya PARCO>



・Rakuten pay


・Mel pay

・d payment

※OrigamiPay finishes service on March 31, 2020.


※It may not be available at some stores.


<by the electronic money cord settlement mentioned above in the case of payment>

・PARCO point grant, the use becomes not intended.

・We are not added to the use amount of money total in this year to go on premium stage of PARCO card either. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Electronic receipt service

Receipt is computerized just to show exclusive bar code displayed in application POCKET PARCO of PARCO in the case of the check, and electronic receipt is service that we can confirm in application.


・It is this for more information about electronic receipt

・It is this about corresponding shop


We offer ATM (Seven Bank) in B1F.

About fixing & cleaning

●Please use store about fixing and length final stage, shoes and bag of clothes, repair of iPhone as follows.



●Please use store about cleaning as follows.

4F/Licue & Sneakers (Licue & Sneakers) 

Prayer Space (prayer room)

At 5F, we offer Prayer Space (prayer room).

Smoking room (smoking room)

Smoking is prohibited in all the halls. At the time of smoking, please use smoking room (smoking room) installing in B1F/1F/7F/9F.

AED (automated external defibrillator)

In our facilities, we offer AED (automated external defibrillator) at 1F/8F.

Please call the staff of neighborhood in emergency.

Guidance (parcomi: PARCO AD Board & Event Space) of event space

About information about event space of Shibuya PARCO, please confirm than the following.

Around Shibuya Koen-dori St. area disposal of goods ground ※Product for corporations

Local disposal of goods ground establishes in Shibuya PARCO parking lot on December 1, 2019.

Delivery to the outskirts becomes convenient.


[around Shibuya PARCO figure]

Disposal of goods ground slip road


◇We install parking lot in the second floor in building under the ground.
◇Parking lot entrance faces organ Hill street.
◇Transportation with ground can use exclusive elevator.
◇Right turn warehousing is not possible. Please penetrate along arrow ⇒.

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

[local disposal of goods vehicle parking lot in parking lot]

Map in disposal of goods ground building


◇It runs to the second floor under the ground on slope.
◇Yellow part is parkable place in the drawing left.

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

[the use condition of local disposal of goods ground]
□Available vehicle size
 2t long made (6t including loading 3.2m weight height)

□The use time
 7:00-22:00 (free of charge about one time of parking until 30 minutes)
□Prior registration is necessary.
1) As for the use vehicle, registration application is necessary for authority of Shibuya Park mall promotion association beforehand. ※Attached sheet: Use of parking lot application

2) Registration fee of 14,000 yen a year (tax-excluded) occurs.

You download use of parking lot application (PDF), and please send by e-mail <[email protected]> or mail after sealing to the following [authority of Shibuya Park mall promotion association]. ※After the application, Shibuya PARCO General Administration Division contacts separately.


Use of parking lot application PDF >>


-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


* Application (application destination) 
 Authority of Shibuya Park mall promotion association


 〒150-0041 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1-9-4NC building
 e-mail: [email protected]
 TEL: 03-3462-5181
 Time in weekdays 10:00-15:00

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
* Reference (in detail) of this matter
 Shibuya PARCO


 e-mail: [email protected]
 TEL: 03-6712-7152
 Time in weekdays 10:00-17:00


Basic information

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
15-1, Udagawacho

Business hours ※Some stores vary in business hours.

Product sales
It is temporary closure ... for the time being on Sunday, April 25. Part of Wednesday, May 12 ... for the time being cosmetic shop business resumption.
Eating and drinking
It is temporary closure ... for the time being on Sunday, April 25. It is reopened part of restaurant business ... for the time being on Wednesday, May 12.

We update approximately every day! The latest information of PARCO is this

Shibuya PARCO