About shop of 6F CYBERSPACE SHIBUYA, congestion is expected for a while after opening. About entering a shop method of each shop, the congestion situation, product release information, please confirm formal HP of each shop and official SNS.

Regarding the shops at CYBERSPACE SHIBUYA (6F), we are anticipating a high degree of crowding for some time after opening.For information on how to enter each shop, as well as the crowding status, and product sale information of each shop, please refer to their respective websites or official social media channels.

*oroku* CYBERSPACE SHIBUYA tenho, kaimakugoyukano*degenjinshio*saimatojokyo. kakutenhomatonyujohoshiki, jinshio*saijokyo, shohin**tojoho, seishikakutenhomatokanhomo*arukanhoshagunnan* (society soft matter) confirmation.