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    The first talks in 20 years

    We feature UNDERCOVER twice ever in relax. The first is November, 2000 issue. The second is December, 2002 issue. In fact, it is only UNDERCOVER that featured twice about one brand in short relax issuance period. I had interviewed Takahashi shield (following Takahashi) at the time of BRUTUS editorial department being on the register roll in first 1994 when we collected, but was small atelier which stepped on sewing machine with three staff in Setagaya in those days. Current atelier is much bigger than that first and it is gorgeous and is delicate, but, in medley of of image enlarged deeply, thinks that it is current UNDERCOVER itself which is isolated existence with poison in punk.

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  2. 1983, PARCO part1 and Seibu Theater

    Shibuya PARCO and history of culture
    By Naohiro Ukawa

    Then it is "de-public enculturation" what Saison culture proposed. "Seibu theater" (later PARCO THEATER) where it entered Shibuya PARCO at the beginning of opening to have most vividly accomplished that. Including peanut gallery led by Shuji Terayama, we refined without running out of underground heat of the 60s. Furthermore, opening of Toru Takemitsu and Yuji Takahashi "MUSIC TO In DAY is. This is right de-public enculturation.
    "Seibu art museum" (Sezon Museum of Art in the back) which opened in 1975 is so. Culture to enjoy contemporary art showed off thing in the most vanguard to Japanese whom there was not so that we displayed Jasper Johns, Anselm Kiefer, and it was revealed in 1981 by having performed the first large-scale private exhibition in Japan of Marcel Duchamp. It is super important that bookstore "Art Vivant" specialized in art was established in art museum. For example, record of noise/avant-garde was sold other than overseas art book and magazine including "Record Without a Cover" of Christian Marclay here, too. We mentioned untrodden culture and context in Art Vivant in those days while there was no connection of import record from art context.

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  1. Shibuya right angle with New York
    Comics which hang around Shibuya PARCO

  2. It was condensed into Shibuya PARCO,
    Foods culture in the future

  3. hello! young girl part
    Wonderful ☆Present of lapping

  4. GUCCI
    Soul of triplets, different music

  5. LOEWE
    In town, Shibuya who do not know boredom.

    Harmony of clothes and flavor

  7. KENZO
    Let's carve with new chapter of history! (as for us)

    kamonamairumu, so, heaven!

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  1. NEW

    Visit to planet of Cornelius who came home
    Mirror surface world nebula

    It is the really first planet visit in 17 years. Keigo Oyamada, also known as Cornelius, also known as visit monkey in its 30s last time enters into 50s. It became excellent middle-age visit monkey. Register was the second generation when succeeded from late Masayuki Kawakatsu, but, in charge editing Y, Mr. manager T of Oyamada was the same as those days, and person in charge of photograph was not visit group, but is relation between old friend with Oyamada. When selfish intellect ttaru member gathers, it is wonder that the last visit seems to have been one month ago.

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  1. NEW

    Yasuharu Konishi interview & disk review
    Konishi said, "it is a pleasure of the old age" well since we were young.

  2. NEW

    sunday people

  3. NEW

    There was 2020; or column A to Z

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Shibuya PARCO 1st Anniversary