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News that is important to customer of the use in Shibuya PARCO

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Thank you very much for always favoring Shibuya PARCO.  
For the infection prevention and nonproliferation of new coronavirus, we run having top priority of ensuring the security with health of customer as basic policy based on administrative policy of the government and branch area. It was revealed that two employees of Shibuya PARCO B1 floor "CAN P bar" were infected with new coronavirus on Wednesday, July 29 while it looked like it.  


The last work day is Wednesday, July 22, Friday, July 24 each. 
As for the foreign tour career, the employee concerned did not have and wore mask and face shield during duty. We are undergoing medical treatment now at home or the accommodations. 
In addition, it was all close contact about this infection at the Shibuya PARCO outside and received polymerase chain reaction test, and positive became clear. It is not infection in Shibuya PARCO building. 


After closing security, relief of customer to the first on Thursday, July 30, in response to the above, we carried out disinfectant work in hall. 
Because we judged that Shibuya PARCO all the buildings were able to ensure the security of employee with customer, about business of Friday, July 31, it should be 11:00 opening (restaurant opens at 11:30). 


※"CAN P bar" will be closed temporarily for the time being from July 30 today. About business resumption, it will be decided after cooperation with public health center. 
※About "the bar truth Hill" which is available for traffic in store, "hamano shop parlor" sharing facilities and shop, there is not the staff with possibility of close contact at present, but we do with closure temporarily on Friday, July 31 to perform disinfectant work again just to make sure and will reopen business from Saturday, August 1.

We worry to customer and I apologize for the inconvenience, but it is first for security and relief of customer and will make an effort for safety measures for restraint of new model coronavirus infection spread in future.  
I would appreciate your consideration to have you favor Shibuya PARCO sequentially. 

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Business hours ※Some stores vary in business hours.

Product sales
It is 11:00-21:00 ... for the time being on 6/26 Friday ※Normal 10:00-21:00
Eating and drinking
It is 11:30-22:00 ... for the time being on 6/26 Friday ※Normal 11:00-23:30

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