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UV care series ☀︎ where is recommended in summer

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Is ETUDE HOUSE Shibuya PARCO shop; (6v6)

UV care series that is recommended this time in summer
We introduce♡

☀︎ double cut tone up UV fluid

This is sunscreen which is usable as the makeup groundwork!
Do tone up naturally, and is recommended to beautiful skin as do whether is day when do not want to touch foundation; ✩.*˚

It is shi iyasuidesuyo ︎︎︎︎☑︎ very much in what we use as the makeup groundwork, and foundation can apply to the top

☀︎ double cut clear UV stick

This is sunscreen of stick type!
As you do not need to mind liquid sause, it is good sunscreen for fixing♡
It is to ttemoyorenaidesuyo ʚ❤︎ from foundationɞ
In addition, ‪ ((((〃, ω) no which is usable as highlight when we employ in T-zone♡‬
And time to be outside as we can paint without getting the hands dirty above all is recommended to long very much◎

Two kinds of sunscreen of all of you right or wrong this
You try at store, and please see♡♡

We look forward to visit♡

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